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EC - How to Migrate a business rule from one instance to another in Employee Central

Follow these easy steps to accomplish this.

Login to CodeBot for SAP SuccessFactors. Navigate to the Employee Central Module to get started.

When you are in your workspace, you will see the pre-baked workbooks from different instances.

From the action’s menu, select the clone option as shown below. For this example, we are cloning the workbook with ID 2391. From the actions menu select the clone option.

Select the iteration number, instance type, and the second option as shown.

Now, you can see 3 workbooks in total that includes the one we just cloned. Open this workbook to the ‘’Business Rules’’ tab.

Select any rule name from column D, and change the status to pending.

Close the O365 workbook. Again, from the actions menu, select the edit option and change the existing company ID to the Instance that you want to migrate to, also change the username for that instance and submit the form.

After the company ID has been edited and changed, click the hamburger menu and select start configuration. Enter the password, execution notes and select business rules from the check box and click Confirm and start.

As the iteration starts processing, click on the “i” icon to check the progress of the execution. Screenshots become visible once the Execution is completed.

After the execution is done, the Workbook highlights the new changes in green.

Finally, log in to the SAP SuccessFactors for instance 4030. Under the window ‘’Business Rules Admin’’, notice the new rule name has been successfully migrated to this instance.

Updated on: 18/05/2024

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