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Cloning Workbook, making changes and moving to another instance.

Workbooks can be cloned/copied with all the existing information and configuration in it and that’s really simple and time-saving.
This article will help you in:
Cloning the workbook.
Moving cloned workbook from one instance to another instance.
Making changes in a workbook.

The following are the steps:

Navigate to CodeBot for SAP SuccessFactors and enter your login details.

On the "Home screen" click on any module tile that has iterations in its workspace, for example, EC.

Select your "Workspace" from the next window.

Select any iteration, that has configuration information in its workbook and click the clone icon from actions menu.

Enter the iteration number, select instance type, and select either you have to clone iteration configuration only or configuration and workbook. Click “Confirm and Clone”.

Notice that new iteration is added and workbook is cloned.

Click on the Edit icon in the actions menu and change the company ID and SFSF username.

Notice that the iteration’s company ID is changed.

Open the workbook, in HRIS elements make some changes in “customer label” and set the status of those particular rows to “pending”.

Close the workbook click on the hamburger menu from the actions menu and click start configuration. Enter your SuccessFactors password and executions notes, check the “HRIS elements” check box and click confirm, and start.

By clicking the "i" icon you can see the progress of your execution and screenshots will be visible once changes are successfully pushed to the instance.

Navigate to the workbook and notice that changes are highlighted in green, which means the data is successfully pushed to the SuccessFactors instance.

Navigate to the instance and navigate to “Manage business configuration”, go to HRIS elements in Employee Central, and see that the Labels are changed.

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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