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Initial Set-Up Guide: New API User

Create the CodeBot Role in SuccessFactors.

Typical names are “CodeBot Role”

CodeBot Permissions Document to find all the necessary permissions for CodeBot functionality

Create the CodeBot Group in SuccessFactors and assign CodeBot Role to that Group

Typical names are “CodeBot Group”

Add the CodeBot user to Manage Role Based Permissions.

Create the CodeBot Users and assign them to the CodeBot Group.

Typical usernames for CodeBot User = codebotuser

Set the email to a real email address to the partner/client in case you need to reset the email

You'll need this password to add the instance to CodeBot. NOTE: the SAPSF password is not always the same as the IAS password. You can still reset this password within SAPSF even if the instance utilized IAS SSO.

Test that the CodeBot User can log in to SAP SuccessFactors manually.

Please be mindful of your SSO or IAS setup. Our team can help with this process.

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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