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Adding an Instance Full Process Instructions

In SuccessFactors

Create the CodeBot Role

1. Permissions here:

Create the CodeBot Group

Create the CodeBot user

Set API User login exceptions for IP Address restrictions (if necessary)

Set API User password (regardless of IAS)


IAS Admin to add CodeBot to Corportate Identity Provider

In CodeBot Admin Form

Add Host Address

IAS Address (if necessary)

Instance Title - What do you want to call this instance?

Company ID -

Auhtorized SF User ID (codebotuser) (the one you just created -

6. Client Secret Key (API Key) -

Private Key (pem Certificate) -

SFAPI Username and Password (Most often match Authorized SF User ID)

Test Odata Credentials

Test SF API credentials

From CodeBot executions

Run a small portion of a workbook (typically Event Reasons from EC)

Ensure Bot logs in and writes configuration to the workbook.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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