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CodeBot Role Permission Ver 1.0

The following Role Based Permissions (RBPs) are required to be granted to the CodeBot user for the respective modules.

**CodeBot Employee Central Permissions**

Manage Foundation Objects

Import Foundation Data

Access Manage Organization, Pay, and Job Structures page

Import/Export Corporate Data Model

Import/Export Country/Region-Specific XML for Corporate Data Model

Employee Central API

Employee Central Foundation OData API (read-only)

Employee Central HRIS OData API (read-only)

Manage Integration Tools

Allow Admin to Access OData API through Basic Authentication

Manage OAuth2 Client Applications

Manage OData API Basic Authentication

Metadata Framework

Configure Object Definitions

Access to non-secured objects

Import Permission on Metadata Framework

Manage Data

Configure Business Rules

Manage Configuration UI

Admin access to MDF OData API

Manage Business Configuration

Manage Foundation Objects Types

Metadata Framework

Configure Object Definitions

Mange Data

Configure Business Rules

Import Permission on Metadata Framework

Admin Center Permission

Monitor Scheduled Jobs

Manage Scheduled Jobs

Manage Workflows

Allow Auto Delegation

Manage Workflow Requests†

Manage Workflow Groups

Professional Edition Manage Workflow Requests

Manage Alerts And Notifications

Manage Workflow Assignments

** CODEBOT Recruiting Management Permissions**

Manage Form Templates

Form Templates

Routing Maps

Rating Scales

Export Performance Management Form Data

Comprehensive template configuration for PMv12

Manage Question Library

Question Libraries

Import New Question Library

Manage Recruiting

Edit Applicant Status Configuration

Manage Recruiting Custom Help Text

Manage Offer Letter Templates

Manage Onboarding Templates

Manage Recruiting Email Templates

Manage Recruiting Groups

Manage Recruiting Settings

Manage Recruiting Sites

Recruiting Email Triggers

Manage Recruiting Templates

Internal and External Career Search Settings

Manage Job Application Field Labels

Manage Job Requisition System Field Labels

Manage Multistage And Late Stage Application Preview

Manage Recruiting Team Settings

Manage external data privacy consent statements

Manage internal data privacy consent statements

Manage System Properties

Company System and Logo Settings

Data Privacy Consent Statement Settings

Recruiting Permissions

Recruit-to-Hire Data Mapping

**CodeBot Onboarding 2.0 Permissions**

Manage Onboarding or Offboarding

Administrate Onboarding or Offboarding content

Cancel Onboarding Permission

Initiate Onboarding API Permission

Permission to Cancel Offboarding

Restart Onboarding Permission

Access New Hire Data Permission

Create E-Verify Case

Enable Object Visibility for External Hires

Recruiting Permissions

Recruit-to-Hire Data Mapping

Manage Onboarding or Offboarding

Update New Hire Data for External HRIS

Onboarding or Offboarding Object Permissions

Onboarding or Offboarding Admin Object Permissions

Onboarding or Offboarding Object Permissions

Metadata Framework

Configure Object Definition

Manage Data

Configure Business Rules

Import Permission on Metadata Framework

Admin Center Permission

Monitor Scheduled Jobs

Manage Schedule Jobs

**CodeBot Career Development Planning Permissions**

Manage Career Development

Development Admin

Import Learning Activity by web service

Import User Relationship for Learning Administrator and Educational Representative

Manage Career Path

Configure Career Path Node

Manage Suggested Roles

Manage Mentoring Programs

Admin Career Development Plan Export Data

Career Development Planning Feature Settings

**CodeBot Compensation Permissions**

Manage Compensation

Export Employee Compensation Data

Budget Assignment

Budget Override

Enable Feature Upgrades

Compensation Aggregate Export

Compensation Form Membership

Compensation Management Permission

Compensation Rollup

Generate Compensation Hierarchy for Rollup Report

Manage Compensation Forms

Manage Compensation Planner Permission

Manage Job Code and Pay Grade Map

Manage Merit Matrices

Manage Salary Pay Matrices

Manage Stock Factors Tables

Manage Stock Value Tables

Manage Stock Participation Guideline Tables

Store Compensation Data in Live Profile

Store Compensation Data in Employee Central

Store Compensation Data in MDF

Compensation Plan Activity Audit

Enable Promotion Data Report

View Employee Central Publish Report

Update Compensation Worksheets

Update Compensation Forms for Template

Manage Field Permission Groups

Manage Compensation Summary

Manage Compensation Settings

Manage Compensation Display Settings

Manage Compensation Employee Central Settings

Manage Compensation Number Format Rules

Manage Compensation Design Worksheet

Manage Compensation Plan Instruction

Manage Compensation Budget

Manage Compensation Eligibility

Manage Compensation Guidelines

Manage Compensation Rating Sources

Define Compensation Period Data

Add Edit Stock History

Manage Compensation Stock Period Data

Manage Compensation Modeling

Manage Standard Validation Rules

Manage Statement Templates

Compensation and Variable Pay

Select All

Admin Center Permission

Monitor Scheduled Jobs

Manage Scheduled Jobs

**CodeBot Proxy Management Permissions**

Reports Permission

Manage User

Proxy Management

**CodeBot Position Management Permissions**

Manage Position

Access Position Organization Chart

Change Display Date of Position Organization Chart

Mass Copy of Position in Position Organization Chart

View Job Requisition in Position Organization Chart

Create Job Requisition in Position Organization Chart

Select Job Requisition Template in Position Organization Chart

Option to Move Position to New Manager on Job Info Change

Create Fieldglass Job Requisition in Position Organization Chart

Create Position from Position Organization Chart

Access Position Management Settings in Admin Center

Miscellaneous Permissions

**CodeBot Time Off Permissions**

Manage Time Off

Time Account

Manage Time Off Structures

Manage Time Off Calendars

Manage Payout

Manage Purchase Leave

**CodeBot Employee Profile Permissions**

Manage Business Configuration

**CodeBot LMS Permissions**

Manage Learning

Learning Admin Access Permission


Learning Access Permission

Options menu (only works if set to user RBP in provisioning

**CodeBot ECP Permissions**

Payroll Permissions

Payroll Administration

Payroll Self Service

Payroll System Information Dashboard

**CodeBot RBP Reports Permissions**

Employee Central Effective Dated Entities

**CodeBot RBP Permissions**

Enable Dynamic Group Definition Report

To enable the features, go to** Admin Center - Platform Feature Settings** or enter Platform Feature Settings in action search.

​Manage role-based Permission Access

Add User and Grant Permission

​Permission Role List

Updated on: 20/05/2024

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