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Workbook "Stuck"

In this article, you will get to know about a situation where your workbook gets "Stuck".

The reasons are mentioned below:

​**1. AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Office 0365 or Google sheet Outage:**
This can be a reason for Stuck Workbook as the bot works with Amazon, so this can happen whenever there is an outage. Another reason can be office 0365 outage, or Google sheets outage. However, you will be notified about that.

​**2. CodeBot under maintenance:**

The second reason can be the maintenance of the CodeBot platform. A pop-up message is displayed at the top of your dashboard under the logo that tells that CodoBot is under maintenance along with the date and time.

​**3. SAP Release Updates:**

After SAP SuccessFactors release its new updates, CodeBot also has to update its functions and modules accordingly, this can be a reason for a workbook being stuck.

​**Solution for Stuck Workbook:**

It is the best practice to rerun your execution if it shows "Stuck" under the status. If you see "Stuck" again, you may contact support at any time.

How to Rerun:

If you see your workbook is stucked.

Click on the Hamburger menu and select Force Stop Processing.

Once done, status will change to STOPPED, click hamburger menu again and click on request reprocess.

After step 3, you will see all the options of hamburger menu, you can rerun your execution.

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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