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This Article is a complete step by step process for RCM Robotics.

Follow the steps below.

Robotics RCM is executed by a sequence as below;

Job Requisitions


Job Application

Before proceeding, create a new iteration and prepare a workbook.

How to prepare a workbook? Below is a guide for you.

On the home page, hover to the left menu and click on Robotics at the bottom.

Step 1: Create a new iteration

Once you enter into your workspace, click on ''add new iteration'' and a form will be populated as shown.

After you submit the form, the iteration gets ready with two sheets. One with Robotic sheet and the other one with connected sheet.

The Robotic sheet needs to be prepared, but the connected sheet contains the data and is not empty as shown below.

Step 2: Next, click on the hamburger menu and select prepare workbook.

Step 3: Enter the required information.

Once the Robotics Sheet is prepared, open the workbook to the ''Job Requisitions'' tab, and proceed by adding the information.

Note: In every screen, column ''F'' shows what is required.

Scroll all the way to the right and after a divider you have to select the process template, process req and set the processing status to pending.

After the execution completes, you will notice that the new req ID has been created followed by the internal and external job posting link.

The second step after the requisitions, go to the candidate’s tab and add the information, set the processing status to pending and run the automation.

Note: Enter the career center URL of your requisition, as shown below.

The last step is job applications. Add the candidate's information and Scroll all the way to the right, select the process template, process req and set the processing status to pending.

Once the execution is completed, you can always check the status of the candidate.

Updated on: 08/06/2024

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