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Release 6th July, 2024

6th July, 2024 Release

What's New On Site?

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What’s New:

New Features and Enhancements have been introduced in the following modules.


A new column, "Job Information Effective Date" has been added to the Settings worksheet. This column provides a clear and precise record of when job information is updated.
Two new columns have been introduced in the Form Settings worksheet: "Ignore warnings when publishing from Compensation to Employee Central", This feature allows users to bypass specific warnings during the publishing process. And "Publish Job Information before Compensation Information”, This ensures that job information is published prior to compensation details, maintaining logical and operational consistency.

RBP (Role-Based Permissions) Reports

Three new columns "Targeted population of", "Targeted population Groups Only", "Exclude Granted User from having the permission access to him/herself" have been added to the "Roles Audit by Country" worksheet.


Two new sheets, "Rating Scale" and "Route Map" have been added. Rating Scale allows for the configuration and management of rating scales used in performance evaluations, ensuring consistency and transparency whereas Route Map provides a visual representation of the route map process, making it easier to track progress and ensure that all necessary steps are followed.
The "Select subjects and participants automatically according to the owners" column has been removed from the "Manage Calibration Session" worksheet.
A new column, "Distribution To" has been included in the "Manage Calibration Template" worksheet.

Onboarding 1.0

ONB1 Config worksheet has been added to allow for more detailed configuration and filtering of records for the Panels and Panel Elements worksheets, improving the onboarding process.

Onboarding 2.0

We have introduced a new worksheet “Hire/Rehire Configuration”. This worksheet supports the configuration of hiring and rehiring processes, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in managing new and returning employees.

Migration Onboarding

Document Templates ONB1 worksheet has been introduced to facilitate the transfer of PDF forms from Onboarding 1.0 to Onboarding 2.0, ensuring a smooth and seamless migration process.

Translations Position Management

We are delighted to announce that the new Translations Position Management module is now fully supported on our platform. This addition allows for better management and integration of multilingual job positions, making it easier for global organizations to maintain consistency and accuracy in job titles and descriptions across different languages.

Bug Fixes

Picklist Management

The spelling of the "Picklist Dependencies Picklist ID" header has been corrected in the "MDF Picklists Config" worksheet, ensuring accuracy and clarity in picklist management.

Deprecated Sheets:

The sheets in the following module has been deprecated.


Rating Scale and Route Map worksheets have been added.
Manage Calibration Template worksheet has been updated.
Manage Calibration Session worksheet has been updated.


Settings worksheet has been updated.

Migration Onboarding

Document Template ONB1 worksheet has been added.

Onboarding 1.0

ONB1 Config worksheet has been added.

Onboarding 2.0

Hire/Rehire Configuration sheet has been added.

Picklist Management

MDF Picklists Config sheet has been updated.

RBP Reports

RBP Reports worksheet has been updated.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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