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Release 5th November, 2022

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BUG Fixes:

We have identified bugs in the following modules:

Employee Central


· MDF Objects, MDF Association and MDF Objects Fields Reverse Issue

Some data inconsistencies emerged on MDF Objects, MDF Objects Fields and MDF Association while generating workbooks. The issue was identified and promptly fixed.

· Workflows, Contributors, CC Roles Automation Issue

Certain fields did not automate correctly while executing configuration on Workflows, Contributors and CC Roles worksheet. This problem has been resolved.

· HRIS Elements, HRIS Trigger Rules and HRIS Sync Automation Issue

An unexpected popup appeared on HRIS Elements, HRIS Trigger Rules, and HRIS Sync worksheets during automation which affected some changes. This problem has been resolved.

Recruiting Management

· Candidate Profile and Offer Details Automation Issue

Field Type column did not automate on Candidate Profile and Offer Details worksheets while executing configuration. This problem has been fixed and no longer causes any trouble.

Role Based Permission

· RBP Groups and RBP Groups Permissions ID Column

The introduction of ID column on Manage Permission Groups table on SAP SuccessFactors had disturbed the functionality of reverse, automation and validation for these worksheets. After this update, RBP Groups and RBP Groups Permissions will run flawlessly.

Updated on: 18/05/2024

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