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Release 3rd April, 2023

What's New On Site?

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New Features:

Notable changes have been introduced in the following modules:


· RBP Config

RBP Config allows us to filter user role assignments based on the selected status. This means that the configuration will affect three separate worksheets – RBP Roles, RBP Roles Grants To and RBP Permissions - giving you the flexibility you need to assign user roles efficiently and quickly. Please note that the default setting on the system is set to All status.

BUG Fixes:

We have identified bugs in the following modules:


· Scheduled Jobs Automation Issue

Recurring Weekly Occurrence On and Recurring End Date columns did not automate as expected. This issue was identified and promptly fixed.

Deprecated Sheets:

The sheets in the following modules have been deprecated:


Scheduled Jobs worksheet has been updated.


Pay Grades & Ranges worksheet has been updated.


Items worksheet has been updated.


RBP Config worksheet has been added.

Updated on: 18/05/2024

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