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Release 28th August, 2023

28th August, 2023 Release

What's New On Site?

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**New Features:**

Notable changes have been introduced in the following modules:

EC Payroll (PTP)

We are excited to announce that we have added four new worksheets to make it simpler and easier to use ECP PTP tables with our system - these worksheets are Code Value Mapping, Proc Non-RecPayment WT, Proc WT in EC Replication, and EC EXT Mapping Config.

Employee Profile

Custom Filters

Support for Custom Filters has been added to our system.

Field Display Format

Support for Field Display Format has been added to our system.

Number Format

Support for Number Format has been added to our system.

Onboarding 2.0

Hire Template

Support for Hire Template has been added to our system.

Proxy Management

We are excited to announce the completion of Proxy Management module. This module helps to create new proxy assignments and look up existing proxy relationships for the company.

​**Recruiting Management**

Data Mapping

We are pleased to inform you that the Recruiting Management module now supports Data Mapping.

Data Privacy Statement

Support for Data Privacy Statement has been added to our system.

Offer Letter Templates

Support for Offer Letter Templates has been added to our system.


Scheduled Jobs

Two new columns ‘Worksheet Name’ and ‘Head of Compensation Planning’ have been added to the Scheduled Jobs worksheet.

​**Robotics Onboarding**

Additional Tasks

Authorization Signature fields have been added to the Additional Tasks worksheet as part of the Onboarding Information section.

**BUG Fixes:**

We have identified bugs in the following modules:

Recruiting Management

Question Library Validation Issue

The 'Expected Answer' field did not validate as expected on Question Library worksheet. The issue was promptly resolved.

Requisition Automation Issue

'Reverse the Assessment' field did not automate as expected on Requisition worksheet. The issue has now been fixed.

**Deprecated Sheets:**

The sheets in the following modules have been deprecated:

Recruiting Management

Data Privacy, Data Mapping and Offer Letter worksheets have been added.

​**Onboarding 2.0**

Hire Template worksheet has been added.

​**Employee Profile**

Custom Filters, Field Display Format and Number Format worksheets have been added.


Scheduled Jobs worksheet has been updated.

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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