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Release 11th February, 2023

What's New On Site?

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New Features:

Notable changes have been introduced in the following modules:

EC Payroll

This module allows the user to filter out employee payroll information based on country code. It consists of eleven worksheets: Absences, Company Code, Cost Center, Deductions, ECP Config, Enterprise Structure, Payments, Payscale Structure, Payroll Area, Personnel Structure and Work Schedules. Please note that EC Payroll has been introduced as a beta version for now.

· Absences

· Company Code

· Deductions and Payments

· Enterprise Structure

· Payscale Structure

· Payroll Area

· Personnel Structure

· Work Schedules

Role Based Permission

· RBP Roles Grants To Enhanced Pools

A user can now choose to add up to 200 pools for a given role name.

Time Off

Support for Time Off has been added to our system. The module consists of fifteen worksheets: Absence Counting Method, CC Role, Contributors, Holiday, Holiday Calendar, MDF Objects, MDF Objects Fields, MDF Objects Associations, Shift Classification, Time Account, Time Account Payout Profile, Time Account Type, Time Type, Workflow, and Work Schedule.

Absence Counting Method

· Shift Classification

· Holiday

· Holiday Calendar

· MDF Objects, Fields and Associations

· Time Profile

· Time Account Payout Profile

· Time Account Type

· Time Profile

· Time Type

· Workflow, Contributor and CC Role

· Work Schedule

BUG Fixes:

We have identified bugs in the following modules:

Employee Profile

· User Info Reverse Issue

An unexpected error had disturbed the execution of reverse. After this update, this issue will no longer trouble again.


· Curricula Reverse Issue

An unexpected popup had appeared during the execution of automation. This issue has been fixed.

Recruiting Management

· Offer Details Reverse Issue

Mobile Field column on Offer Details did not scrap the right data. The issue was identified and promptly fixed.

· Requisition Templates Automation Issue

Status Set Name column on Requisition Templates did not automate as expected. The issue was identified and promptly fixed.

Role Based Permission

· RBP Roles Automation Issue

Certain objects did not automate correctly. This issue has been fixed now.

· RBP Permissions Automation Issue

Create, Edit and Delete permission did not automate correctly. This issue has been fixed now.

Robotics Employee Central


· Robotics EC Validation Issue

The validation functionality has been greatly refined after this update.

Robotics Compensation


· Robotics Comp Validation Issue

The validation functionality is further enhanced to improve optimization and user experience.

Deprecated Sheets:

The sheets in the following modules have been deprecated:

Career Development Plan

Career Worksheet, Development Plan and Learning Activity worksheets on our system has been updated.

Updated on: 18/05/2024

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