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Release 10th Sept, 2022

What's New On Site?

Welcome To SF CodeBot!

New Features:

Following feature is introduced on Admin Dashboard:

User Creation and Permission

A new user account on SAP SuccessFactors can now be automatically created through SFCodeBot and the permissions for that user can be assigned with just a few clicks away. An API Key and a Certificate Token is also generated in the process which saves additional time for our client. This feature is known as SFSF Configuration.

Notable changes have been introduced in the following modules:

Employee Central

· Legacy FO Objects

Support for Legacy FO Objects Data models has been added. Therefore, two worksheets are maintained on Employee Central module – Corporate Data Model and CSF Corporate Data Model; that fetch xml and parse from Import/Export Corporate Data Model and Import/Export Country/Region-Specific XML for Corporate Data Model screens on SAP SuccessFactors respectively.

BUG Fixes:

We have identified bugs in the following modules:

Employee Central

· MDF Objects Associations Country Dropdown Field Problem

The Country Specific Field was causing an issue during the execution of automation on MDF Objects Associations worksheet. This issue has been fixed.

Role Based Permission

· Role Permission Optimization

An unexpected error was handled on Role Permission worksheet during the execution of automation. This issue has been resolved.

Updated on: 18/05/2024

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