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Release 09nd March, 2023

09nd March, 2023 Release
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New Features:

Notable changes have been introduced in the following modules:

Recruiting Management

We have included a new worksheet "RCM Config" to the RCM module which will greatly enhance your experience with filtering data for Applications, Offer Letter Templates, Permission Groups, Rating Scale, Requisitions, Route Map and Status Sets worksheets. With the new filtration capability, you will have access to the following options:

1) The Fetch All option allows you to retrieve all records in one go.
2) The Fetch Active Only option enables you to fetch only active records.
3) The Fetch InActive Only option allows you to retrieve only inactive records.
4) The Fetch Only option gives you the flexibility to fetch a specific number of records.
5) Lastly, the Fetch All Except These option allows you to exclude certain records from your data.

Robotics Time Off

We are excited to announce the addition of a new service "Robotics Time Off" to the Robotics module. It allows users to keep track of the time schedule of their employees.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new service, "Robotics Time Off," which has been added to our Robotics module. With "Robotics Time Off," you can now efficiently manage your team's time off requests and schedules, ensuring that your business operations run smoothly. This feature will also provide you with a comprehensive overview of your employees' availability, making it easier for you to plan and allocate tasks.

Role Based Permission

External Onboarding User

We are excited to inform you that our latest update now allows users to create a group permission with the type "External Onboarding User" through the Permission Groups worksheet. This means that you can now easily manage and assign permissions for external onboarding users within your organization. Additionally, you can view the results of these permissions on the RBP Groups worksheet. This will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the permissions assigned to the external onboarding users in your group.

Removal of Pool Based Sorting

We have discontinued the pool functionality from the RBP Roles and Roles Grants To worksheets and instead we have now implemented a Rule ID system which will allow you to easily identify and access the roles you need. This new system will also provide a more streamlined and efficient process for managing roles within your organization.

Rule Status

We have included the Status column to the Roles Grants To worksheet. The Status column will indicate whether a role is currently active or inactive. This will help our users effortlessly identify which roles are currently in use and which ones may need to be updated or removed.

Variable Pay

Addition of New Worksheets

We are delighted to share with you that we have recently added multiple worksheets to the Variable Pay module including Assignment Groups, Company Settings, Email Notifications and Statement Templates.

Design Worksheet

We have added three new columns: Calculate Total, Form Field Import Key and Aggregate Field to the Form Field section. Additionally, we have also added a new section called "Define Standard Validation". This section includes four columns: Define Standard Validation Rules / Plan Name, Field ID (DVSR), Use For (DVSR) and Mode (DVSR).

Form Settings

We have added a new column "Publish Job Information before Compensation Information" to the Form Settings worksheet.


We have removed three columns from the Set Bonus Calculation section including Employee Profile, Import by Employee and Import by Assignment in the Settings worksheet. These changes were made in order to streamline the process and keeping in view, these options were not being utilized by many of our users.

Deprecated Sheets:

The sheets in the following modules have been deprecated:

Recruiting Management

RCM Config worksheet has been added.

Role Based Permission

RBP Groups, RBP Roles, RBP Roles Grants To and Permission Groups worksheets have been updated.

Variable Pay

Assignment Groups, Company Settings, Email Notifications and Statement Templates worksheets have been added while, Design Worksheet, Form Settings and Settings worksheets have been updated.

Updated on: 08/06/2024

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