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Release 06th February, 2023

06th February, 2023 Release
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New Features:

Notable changes have been introduced in the following modules:

EC Benefits

We are excited to announce that we have added a few dozen worksheets to access and analyse the submodule of Employee Central - Global Benefits data within our system - these worksheets are Benefit, Benefit Documentation, Benefit Legal Entity, Benefits Overview Hyperlink, Benefit Pension Fund, Benefit Program, Benefit Schedules, Benefit Schedule Period, Benefit Work Life Event, Benefits Screen Lookup, Company Car Allowed Models, Company Car Recommended Vendors, Company Car Lease Service Provider, Confirmation Statement Configuration, Configure Student Fields for Rate Determination, Eligible Enrollee Options, Event Determination, Insurance Coverage, Insurance Dependent Type, Insurance Plan, Insurance Provider, Insurance Rate Chart, Open Enrollment Configuration, Manage Benefit Dependencies, Page Configuration, Savings Plan Catch Up Detail, Savings Plan Employer Contribution and Work Life Event Configuration.

Role Based Permissions

Roles Grants To Data Target

Target population and data access period settings have been detached from the Roles Grants To worksheet and are now in a separate worksheet called 'Grants To Target Data Access'. By separating these fields, it allows for better roles management also makes it easier to locate and update these fields without having to navigate through the Roles Grants To worksheet.

Bug Fixes:

We have identified bugs in the following modules:

​MDF Picklist

MDF Picklists Data Reverse Optimization

The data fetching capability has been significantly improved on MDF Picklists Data worksheet to enhance user experience.

Role Based Permissions

RBP Groups Reverse Optimization

RBP Groups data fetching capability has been significantly optimized to support greater number of groups than were previously possible.

Deprecated Sheets:

The sheets in the following modules have been deprecated:

Role Based Permissions

Grants To Target Data Access worksheet has been added.

Updated on: 08/06/2024

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