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Prepare Workbook for Robotic Testing

Prepare Workbook for Robotic Testing

To get started with Robotic Testing, first you'll need to prepare a workbook.

Robotic Testing starts by having a completed workbook for the module that you are going to be testing: EC, Recruiting, ONB, and COMP.

Once the workbook is completed and it looks good within the standard module, go to the Robotic Module.

1) Click Add New Robotic

2) Select the iteration number

Type = the module you want to test with (EC, Recruiting, ONB, or COMP)

The Workspace Name and Workspace Iterations point back to the original workbooks you've generated for that module.

Then add a description.

3) When the iteration is created, you'll have two workbooks. The Robotic Sheet is the testing script template-- we need to prepare that sheet (it'll be mostly blank now). The Connected Sheet is the original workbook generated for that module.

4) In the Hamburger Menu, Select "Prepare Sheet"

5) Expect the execution to take between 15-30 minutes.

For more information on Robotic Testing, check out our demos on YouTube:

Updated on: 08/06/2024

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