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Predefine MDF Objects

If you experience generating new workbooks for MDF Objects, MDF Objects Fields, and MDF Objects Association worksheets recently, you will find there is a huge discrepancy on how things operate now.

It is worth noting that these changes are currently in effect in both Employee Central and Onboarding modules.

Earlier, all the records available including custom objects, on Configure Object Definitions screen on SAP SuccessFactors used to be fetched as shown in image 1, image 2, and image 3 respectively.

MDF Objects Fields:

MDF Objects Association:

Now these records, particularly custom objects, are filtered based on another worksheet called, ‘EC Config’ as shown below

EC Config:

Consequently, we get the following results after the data has been refined as highlighted in image 5, image 6, and image 7 respectively.

MDF Objects:

MDF Objects Fields:

MDF Objects Association:

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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