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PMGM - How to update PM Form Settings

With the help of this article, you can modify more settings in the same way as illustrated below.

First, in the SAP SuccessFactors instance, under managing form templates, select any template name that you desire to update.

A quick note: In case a template does not exist in the instance, the bot will automatically create one with the prescribed settings.

Open that and scroll down a little and notice the template status that is enabled for this illustration.

Now go to CodeBot for SAP SuccessFactors, navigate to the PMGM module.

When you click the module, it automatically takes you to the workspace. Select your workspace as shown in the example below.

Open the workbook to the PM form settings tab.

Select the same template name from column B that we just saw in the instance. Scroll to the right and in column T, template status, Change the status from enable to disable or vice versa.

Scroll all the way to the right and in column CU, make it pending.

Close the O365 workbook, Select the Hamburger menu from the action options. Click on Start Configuration.

Changes are made only in PM form settings, so that is the only check box we need to select. Enter the password, some Execution Notes, and hit Confirm and Start.

As the iteration starts processing, click on the “i” icon to check the progress of the execution. Screenshots become visible once the Execution is completed.

You can also view the total execution time it took.

After the execution is done, the status is changed to complete. Open the Workbook and see that it highlights the new changes in green.

Back in the SAP SuccessFactors instance, you can see that the template status has now changed to disable, and this way the changes are pushed here successfully.

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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