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Compensation - Comp Config

This article will help you understand about the Compensation plans already present in the system.

There are a number of compensation plans that currently exist in the instance and you can only fetch the compensation plan config or add from those templates from the instance to the workbook which are relevant**.**

Organizations may have several compensation plans. For their work, they only want to pull config of relevant plans or the current plan.

In this example, I am adding a plan name, ''1-2022 Annual Salary, Equity & Incentive Plan test 7'', that is one of the plans already added in the instance.

Open the Compensation workbook to the Comp config sheet, and add that plan name. Comp Config allows you to add selected plans within a short spam of time and you do not need to bring out all the plans from the instance.

Close the workbook. From the hamburger menu, click on ''generate workbook''. Enter the password, execution notes and check the worksheets you need to populate.

I have checked design worksheet for this example but you can select all.

Once the execution completes, open the workbook and you will notice that the new plan

''1-2022 Annual Salary, Equity & Incentive Plan test 7'' has been added successfully in the desired sheet.

Updated on: 18/05/2024

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