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COMP - Updating Compensation Profile using CodeBot

The Compensation Profile in particular is a very nice enhancement to the SuccessFactors Compensation Module that allows planners to perform the actual compensation planning in a much more efficient way along with supporting compensation historical data, and a “better” user interface.

This will help you in updating Compensation Profile.

Navigate to CodeBot for SAP SuccessFactors enter your login details.

On the "Home screen" click on "Compensation" module tile.

Select your "Workspace" from the next window.

Open up the workbook where you need to make changes, by clicking 0365 workbook.

Navigate to the compensation profile tab.

Make some changes in column D “Period description” and set the status of respective row to pending in column L.

Close the workbook, back in CodeBot click on the hamburger menu and select start configuration.

Now, Enter your SuccessFactors password, some execution notes, check the compensation profile checkbox and click confirm and start.

Click the “i” icon to see the Status of your execution, execution logs and screenshots.

Once complete open the workbook notice that the changes are highlighted in green.

Navigate to the SuccessFactors instance and verify that the changes are successfully made.

Updated on: 18/05/2024

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