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RBP Config

Role Based Permissions - Config Sheet

RBP Config sheet is designed as a filter sheet which helps you pulling down the desired records. This also saves you time.

This article will guide you on how to use the RBP Config sheet to filter records effectively.

Open CodeBot Dashboard navigate to RBP module.

CodeBot dashboard

Create a new iteration by clicking the "add a new iteration" button, fill out the form and open the workbook.

Add new iteration

Iteration Form

Navigate to the RBP_Config tab. Notice that column B and C are for filtering roles, column E and F are for filtering Groups.

RBP Config Sheet

In Column B and E open the drop down and you will see these options:

Filters for Roles

Filter for Groups

Fetch all This is the default setting, and it allows you to retrieve all roles and groups.
Fetch All except these Using this, you can specify the names of roles in column C and groups column F that you want to exclude from the Roles and Groups sheet.
Fetch Only By choosing Fetch Only, you can list specific role names in column C and group names in F, and the bot will retrieve only those roles and groups.
Fetch Active only With this filter, the bot will retrieve only active records.
Fetch Inactive only By applying this filter, the bot will retrieve only inactive roles from the instance to the workbook.
Fetch Static Only By selecting this option, the bot will retrieve only "Static Groups" from your instance.
Fetch Dynamic Only By choosing this option, the bot will retrieve only "Dynamic Groups" from your instance.
Fetch External Onboarding Only By choosing this option, the bot will retrieve only "External Onboarding Groups" from your instance.

Select option from the drop down in column B and E , for example: Fetch Only. In Column C type in the names of roles and you want in your sheet and in column F type in the name of groups.

Fetch only, roles and groups

Close the workbook click on the hamburger menu and click on Generate workbook, as the form populates; fill out the form and hit submit button.

Generate Workbook

Generate Workbook Form

Notice that the status is now changed to "Processing", Click on the "i" icon to see the progress.



Once the status is "complete", open the workbook and navigate to RBP_Roles tab and RBP_Groups tab one by one and see that there are specific roles and groups.

Status "Complete"



RBP Config sheet is helpful for clients with large dataset on their instances, there is also a video link attached for RBP Config.

Updated on: 08/06/2024

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