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ECP – Absences

This article will help you in generating workbook for Absences. The article demonstrate the correct format for applying the filters.

To begin, click on the EC Payroll module.

Select your desired workspace.

Now, click on add new iteration,

Add the iteration number, choose your workspace from the dropdown, then, add the host address, Instance type, client, username and description and click on submit form.

The iteration has been created. Now, open the workbook.

Navigate to the Absences tab. Here, notice that the sheet is empty.

Now navigate to the ECP Config tab. Here, make sure to type the correct “Country Code” in Column ‘C’ and then add the appropriate filters in Column ‘P’ “Absences Att./Absence type”. This allows the bot to retrieve only the specified information from the instance.. Now, close the workbook.

Now, Back in CodeBot, click on the Hamburger menu, then, click on "Generate Workbook”.

Enter the SAP SuccessFactors password, some execution notes and select Absences from the advance options, then, click on confirm and start to initiate the process.

The execution is now processing. Monitor its progress by clicking on the “i” icon.

Once the execution is complete, open the workbook.

Click on the Absences tab, notice that the data has been successfully pulled down by the bot according to the applied filters.

Updated on: 06/07/2024

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